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4 Questions Your Brand Promotional Video Must Answer To Resonate With Your Audience

Updated: May 30, 2018

Video promotion is a great way to showcase your services efficiently and interactively visually. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 internet surfers watch online video on a regular basis. Some even search for videos on their research terms before using traditional search engines. That means that millions of people have the potential to see your video on any given day. One of the most important reasons that video marketing is so important to the success of an online business is because Google says it is.

Video promotion is also a great way to spark interest in your product. You need to optimize and promote your videos with a defined strategy to increase the traffic and visibility of your promotional videos in the search engines. Video promotion is about increasing the number of people viewing your video. Video marketing is about improving sales by using video. Your purpose, as a business, is to increase your profits. Increasing sales is one way of helping you achieve that goal, and video marketing is an effective way to achieve that. This strategy of using video is effective because it is an excellent chance to reach massive amounts of potential customers.

Brand promotional videos increase awareness about your products and services because users are going to watch that video and they are going to remember it much longer than they would a banner or text ad. If a video sticks with users, then they are more likely to take action with it.

There are many ways video can help in your online marketing campaign. Some studies indicate that there are only 4 basic questions your video must answer if you want your message to resonate with certain audiences.

1) Why?

This question is for what we call the "sales" audience members. These are the motivators and persuaders in the group.

Users asking ‘Why?’ tend to have the shortest attention span, but usually, make up around 35% of any audience. Members of this group will ask, "Why should I buy this product?" You need to respond to the benefits. A good answer will include things like increased happiness, saving time, making life easier, etc.

2) What for?

This is a question for the "scholastic" section of your video promotion audience. These are the people who focus in on the objectives and outcomes of your product presentation. They have a slightly longer attention span than the "sales" group, but only represent around 18% of the viewers. Their question will be something along the lines of, "What purpose should I buy this product for?" Here the answer is quite simple. Tell them the practical outcomes of getting this product. This means an answer should be a list of things that will come about because buying your product or will make them do something easier, cheaper, quicker, etc.

3) How?

The "technical" members of your visitors need to have this question addressed. These are the ones who are focused on the operations and processes. They are even more attentive and make up about 25% of the audience that watches your video promotion.

We are usually faced with the question "How does this product work?" Your answer should include systems or processes and could look something like, "This product works like this" or "Here's how this product will get you the previous results." A demonstration of the product would appeal to this group.

4) What if?

"Advocates & Marketers" make up the last cross-section of a typical audience. This is your creative group. They look for opportunities and tend to be the most attentive of any of the groups. They account for about 20% of your viewers. These video promotion addicts will ask, "What if I use this product to...?" The easiest way to answer this question is to suggest uses for the product beyond the normal things associated with the product. Something like, "Here is how this product can be used to make you some money." This would work very well to answer this question.

These points should be covered in order if you want the message of your video promotion to be clear and to hit all those audiences. If you follow this formula and plan your videos in a way that touches on each of these four questions you will see an increase in sales, traffic, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish by using video promotion. Try it for yourself, and I guarantee you will be surprised by the results.


Video Marketing: The most effective form of marketing in business today.

Audience: a large group of viewers or spectators that is made up of different demographics.

Operations and Processes: The inner workings of your company. Being transparent with this will ease customers and make their decision easier.

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