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Ideas + Execution = Calculated Success

Execution is the act of getting things done. In a world with so many technological advancements it has never been easier to streamline systems, processes & communication to execute on our goals. Be a mover and a shaker. Maximize time & look for the upsides even during a seemingly downward turn.

Maximize every situation, good or bad while constantly scanning for areas of improvement. It can be helpful to have quarterly reviews with specific parameters set so goals are achieved. Ideas alone are just that; ideas. It takes massive action to execute on our plans.

Find the way to take massive action. Every move you make, conversation you have, hand you shake, place you go & person you call should be 100% in line with your goals and targets. Shed away the negative light, shed away the people who are holding you back. Put your head down, focus and attack your goals.

On the macro be focused, patient & have one goal in mind.

On the micro embrace speed, multitasking, action.

See the end goal & write it out. Next break down that goal into sizable actionable milestones. Break those up by year, by quarter, by month, weekly & daily. Every day your goals should be in line. Getting you closer to your weekly goals, and your monthly goals and so forth.

Execute on the little things to ensure execution on the greater overall goal & always look for ways to improve communication. It’s important to streamline communication to exchange ideas and information quickly & effectively. This nurtures the right behaviors internally to achieve quick advancements and more steps in the right direction.

Put action to your ideas. Stop spending time with things that aren’t in line with your goals. Become action based. Take risks. At the end of the day; so what is better than what if.

Shed parts of your life that aren't helping you achieve your goals. Any people, relationships, friends and even family members who are slowing your growth need to be left behind. Shed the fat, you’re only as fast as your slowest dog in the race. Auditing your inner circle can be a difficult but rewarding process in your life.

BHAG stands for big hairy audacious goals. Nail your yearly goals. Know what you want to accomplish in the next 25 years, 20 years, 15 years & 10 years, etc. These can be changed and updated along the way but always think macro, long term, big picture.


Break down your goals each year. At the beginning of each year sit down and spend a couple hours figuring out what you need to accomplish that year that will ultimately get you closer to your BHAG. All of your yearly goals should lead into your BHAG. You shouldn’t focus on anything besides whatever will achieve that ultimate end goal. Next break your yearly goals down into semi annual and quarterly goals. What can you achieve these next six months that will position you to best achieve your goals for the year? What can you accomplish in the next three months, that will lead to an opportunity in the next 6 months? Have a macro mindset.


During the first week of each month layout what you need to accomplish in order to achieve the macro goals. These can be general or specific goals. Specific goals will help give you a benchmark for performance and efficiency. If any of your monthly goals do not help you achieve your quarterly goals, get rid of them. The same way you need your daily tasks to “add up” to your weekly goals.


I find tasks rather than goals works better for daily monitoring. You have the vision of what you want by now. You know where you will end up. Set each days tasks out and get them done.

Everything that happens happens in four stages. Intention, forethought, action & reflection.

Intention- this is the idea stage. Where we imagine a solution for a problem at hand.

Forethought- here we visualize the future with our problem solved. How will this decision affect me? My company? This is where we give purpose to our intent.

Action- the most important stage. Act on your plans and plow through any obstacles.

Reflection- constant constructive feedback is necessary to adjust and stay on track. Execution is a journey not a one time thing.

Achieving goals takes more than ideas and passion, it takes execution.


Mover & shaker: Someone who has power and influence in a field or activity; someone who sets & accomplishes tasks, a person that gets things done.

Massive action: making your goal or the act of accomplishing that goal your duty, obligation, and responsibility. It means taking full ownership of your problems, mistakes, and failures and doing all you possibly can to rectify them.

Macro: large-scale; overall.

Micro: small scale, a portion of.

Streamline Communication: quick, reliable & effective channels of communication. The ability to have 100% trust in your communication process. Doing so is necessary to scale quickly & efficiently

So what is better than what if: the ‘no rocks unturned mindset.’ Exploring all opportunity will result in more opportunity.

Tasks: smaller goals that can be categorized & broken down into daily benchmarks.

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