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Reach Your Audience with

Professional & Informative Videos!

Our video production team will work closely with you one on one to script and produce informative, high quality, high definition videos.

Pre Production

We will meet with you to discuss what it is exactly you want to communicate in your video. Then we will discuss the best type of video for the message and your budget.


We will put the team together to bring the idea to life. Shooting interviews, events, creating animations, recording voice-overs, etc., are all a part of the production process.

Post Production

Once shooting has been wrapped up and we have all the necessary materials, we will move on to the editing process. We will also work with you throughout this process by seeking your feedback as we put the final product together. 

Video Production Retainer

What Is A Retainer?

A video retainer is a partnership between you and Top Group Media that allows you access to our video production team for a set period of time, each month, at a discounted rate. In simple terms, you pay us to act as your in-house creative video department for a set period of time and for pre-determined number of hours. A retainer gives you access to a wide range of video and creative services without the overhead associated with a permanent employee. If you require consistent videography work, a retainer may make sense financially. Our goal here is to have a partnership that makes sense for both parties.

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