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Tips for Hiring The Right Corporate Videographer

Are you looking for a videographer? Well, with the hype and hoopla of digital media and its utilities, in order to make more profit, business people are more inclined towards media based industries such as video and audio production. Due to this reason there is an increase in the number of production companies. As far as finding a videographer is concerned, you will come across many of them. All you need to do is search properly to find the best videographers among the many who claim to be ‘the best.’

If you are searching for a videographer for the first time, you may find this task to be daunting. Don't worry, the tips mentioned below will help make the search easier for you. As the market is flooded with such professionals, where most of them are self proclaimed 'the best' service providers, finding a genuine professional is really a tough task. Considering the following may aide you in your journey.

You should look for a specialist.

When researching who you want to hire as your videographer, you should first specify what type of videography your going to need. Whether you’re looking to make a promotional video for your business, a series of training videos, or need someone to capture a live event, there are a number of different styles of video you may need to capture.

Some other basic types of videography services, may include:

1. television commercials

2. webcasts

3. live video streaming

4. web infomercials

5. music videos

6. corporate videos

7. live events

Given this, you should always go for a professional who will be able to cater your needs. Some companies may have multiple videographers who can cover a few different areas. In other cases, you could find a freelancer who specializes in a specific category. Either way it’s important to know that whoever you’re hiring has experience and can give you the confidence that they can get the job done.

You should always ask for samples, as well as references.

When selecting a professional, you should always ask to see a portfolio to get a sample of their previous work. This will give you an idea of the quality that the videographer can deliver in a final product. It’s important to know because this helps set your expectations for your final product.

Also, checking for references from previous clients should be another one of your primary considerations. Track record as well as the reputation of a videographer speaks volumes. Check out the reviews on the the videographer’s website along with other channels such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google, if they use those. If they don’t have any reviews online, ask them for references and they should be more than happy to provide them.

This process is basically a background check into the videographer to see if they are legit and trustworthy. Once you have have a firm belief that they can get your project done, move forward and take the next steps.

Use consultations wisely.

You should always provide a production brief to the videographer before you hire them. A production brief is a set of guidelines for your videographer about your project, your budget, the main area of focus & any other prevalent details. This will help the professional understand what you need, the means with which it can be done and when it needs to be completed by.

You should always discuss your budget prior to the initiation of the project. When consulting with a videographer, remember to inquire about their service and equipment charges. These can add up on top of other production costs, such as locations, permits & extras if necessary.

Last but not the least, you should set a deadline for your project. Hopefully, you have a date set aside in your schedule for filming. Once this date is established and production is complete, the post production stage may take 2-3 weeks or more depending on the scope of the project. Getting an idea of how long this process will take should be established earlier in the consultation process so a deadline can be established.


freelancer - a person who is self-employed and/or is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Some may be represented by an agency or company, others are self-employed and find work on their own.

portfolio - demonstrations of the user's abilities and platforms for self-expression. Usually includes a record that provides actual evidence of achievement.

production brief - A basic outline of a project that includes a summary, goals, budget & deadline.

post production - work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place.

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